Organic Dissolve | Fully Rigged Free Cinema 4D Scene File

This Cinema 4D scene file is available under as “open source” concept. This is intended for educational use but really can be used for whatever you want. You don’t need to credit me for commercial or non-commercial use.

This scene file is Cinema 4D R21 based fully rigged and editable.


  1. Drag & drop any object into the “Object” field. The higher subdivision object will help smooth animation (Random mode). If your object doesn’t work just add your object into a connect object, then add the connect object in the object field.
  2. “Random Point” mode will create random points on the surface. You can increase or decrease the point count and change the seed.
  3. Press play to start the animation. If nothing happens, change the “seed” value to refresh the viewport.
  4. You need to increase the “Radius” if you use a low poly object.
  5. “Dissolve” settings will give you more control over the animation of the “Random Point” mode.
  6. “Field” mode will give you the control to animate using fields.
  7. “Volume Mesh” settings give you control over the mesh detailing. Less voxel size gives you more detail mesh but it will slow down the process. If your object does not disappear completely increase surface threshold value.
  8. “Vertex Map” is the output of the vertex map from the “Random Point” mode animation. You can use it where ever you want.

If you face any problem please leave a comment.

Object Hierarchy & Settings

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