Neon Light | Fully Rigged Free Cinema 4D Scene File

This Cinema 4D project file is available under as “open source” concept. This is intended for educational use but really can be used for whatever you want. You don’t need to credit me for commercial or non-commercial use.

This project is Cinema 4D R21 based fully rigged project. This project is based on a tutorial from videofort. Just download the project file, open it, and make any spline object as a child object of the NeonLight object.

If you face any problem please leave a comment below.

Object Hierarchy & Settings

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  1. kylian185

    is there a way I can use it with redshift, yes can you pls tel me how

    1. admin

      This setup is based on cinema 4d’s native renderer. You can change the materials but if redshift supports the native cinema 4d light and luminance material, you can use redshift. I don’t have a redshift that’s why I am not sure about it.

  2. Benbabbag

    I’m having trouble with the falloff from the light now working, as well as the holders not all facing the same way. Any chance you know what to do to fix this? Cheers!

    1. admin

      Which C4D version you are using?

  3. Andre

    this is years old but i absolutely love it! thank you so much. What i do not understand – how is this Neonlight made? This is not a c4d object and not some kind of script. Can you explain?
    thank you so much

    1. admin

      Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate it. This is not a c4d native object. This is a fully rigged setup encapsulated in a Null object. Its combination of both objects and scripting. If you face any problem or need any help please let me know.

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